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Step into the violent excitement of the octagon - and the streets! Welcome to the world of The Hydra!

Welcome to the life of Marco Rossi, the undisputed PFT Welterweight Champion of the World. Aside from being one of the most feared mixed martial artists on earth, when the sun sets, Marco takes on the mantle of THE HYDRA, a ruthless vigilante. In an action packed first chapter, step into the mind and body of the hero, as he is teared apart by his double life, and must dig deep within his soul to find victory.

The Hydra #1 is set to be released through a Kickstarter campaign in 2023, offering both a printed and a digital version. The book is written, drawn, and colored by Federico Armando, featuring lettering by Justin Birch (DC Comics, IDW, Source Point Press) and pin-ups by guest artists Max Pinelli and Kyler Clodfelter. 


Stay tuned on my social networks for updates on the release of The Hydra #1!

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